#he is so unimpressed by her it’s so funny

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Josh Hutcherson attends the premiere for Escobar: Paradise Lost at the Rome Film Festival on 19th October 2014

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On being a vampire


Kaitlyn: But you would have to, like, eat people…


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Me thinks the lady doth protest.

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Elise Bauman Pillow Talk reaction images part 3

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Cophine ± height difference

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This is how my computer froze

Please control your face (x)

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I think I am losing as many followers as I am gaining by posting so much Carmilla

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but like what if in the end delphine sacrifices herself to save cosima

and ends up jumping in front of a bullet or something

b/c she loves her so much and she’s willing to put her own life at risk

she’d even go as far as dying for her

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What advice do you have for upcoming actors?

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I think I have some fetish weird thing for drawing clothes 

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