Elsa Mars in the American horror story trailer

Orange is the New Black: a summary


tatiana maslany from orphan black is so gorgeous and she’s got fangs like me im in love

October 01  ♥  1 note


Sarah Manning as Beth Childs & Detective Arthur “Art” Bell
Orphan Black | s01e01 | “Natural Selection”

I wouldn’t want you to worry, you’d be drowned within my sea

Helena + judging you

karma in shorts (◕△◕✿)

"…oh what fun to kill someone and end up in jail…"

This is Criminal Law One Hundred, or as I prefer to call it “How To Get Away With Murder.”


How to get away with murder: Pilot.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh, what fun… to kill someone… and end up in jail."

Well it’s a  l i t t l e  d r y , You could have said something more like target has been neutralized, you know. The crow flies at midnight. That’s always cool.